My name is Alex Jackson and I am very grateful and excited to have the opportunity to intern with the Nest Academy this summer!  I am a rising sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Business and Public Policy and I am looking forward to helping grow The Nest in any way I can through fundraising, social media, etc.  I had no prior knowledge of the Nest Academy before starting here but it has not taken me long to recognize that this is a special place with adults that invest so much in the success of the students. 

Meeting the kids at graduation was a great experience and I hope to be able to see them on more occasions throughout the summer since I really enjoyed my time around them.  Not only have I seen how great the students and teachers are but I have also been impressed by how passionate everyone is about the carrying out the mission of The Nest and by The Nest’s dedication to faith.  Everyone’s enthusiasm for the mission of The Nest is contagious and makes me always want to do more!