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The nest academy 2023-2024

This portal is only for students who have enrolled at The Nest Academy for the 2023-24 school year and wish to use the service regularly. The Nest partners with Eagle Bus Service and Movement School Eastland to provide convenient cluster meeting points.  We do not provide door-to-door service. Cluster meeting points are preferable because they minimize the time students spend on the bus and the pick-up and drop-off times are consistent each day. Such reliability is never guaranteed with door-to-door service. Students are to use the cluster stop chosen by their parents. Bus drivers are not to allow students to use any bus stop they please. Consistency by the students in the bus stops they use will help the driver to keep track of the students. Students may use one stop in the morning and a different stop in the afternoon, provided they are consistent and don’t change. 


How To Register Your Child for Transportation

Complete the steps 1-3 to register your child who attends The Nest Academy for bus transportaion

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How do I arrange for my child to ride the school bus?

1. Click the map image to find the stop most convenient for you.

2. View the bus schedule for that stop.

3. Then click the “Register Here” button to complete the registration process.

You will receive a confirmation email with links to the bus portal for schedule information. 

Do elementary school students and middle school students ride the same bus?

Yes. There are no separate buses for elementary school and middle school students at this time. All students ride the same bus. We keep the students separated by seating elementary school students in the front of the bus and middle school students are closer to the back of the bus. Boys and girls are not allowed to sit together unless parents request siblings sit together. The bus driver will make any changes necessary for the safety of the entire bus.

Are school buses safe?

School buses are thoroughly inspected by the NCDMV each year. Additionally, our buses are inspected by certified school bus mechanics on a monthly scheduled basis and routinely serviced. Traveling in a school bus is the safest form of ground transportation in the world.


Click the button below to search our Nest Academy map for a stop that is most convenient for you.


View the bus schedule.


Register for a seat on the bus.

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