Yuli was born in Mexico and has been at the Nest for 2 years and is the second in her family to graduate from The Nest Academy.After graduating, Yuli wants to work to support her family here and in Mexico as a counselor and study Psychology.
Her greatest accomplishment at the Nest was learning how to speak English. “At my last school, all my friends spoke Spanish, so I didn’t have to try, but I practiced my English at The Nest every day. The academy helped me fulfill my dream of graduating. Transferring to the Nest changed my life. Getting up early for school was hard, but when MC told me I wouldn’t graduate if I didn’t prioritize school, I would not graduate. I was definitely motivated!
Mr. Leon & Mr. Reesh have greatly impacted me because they were super helpful with my assignments. In my first year, they would give me assignments in English and Spanish, which really helped me learn the language and my studies.
“I want to one day become a psychologist because when I was younger, I was bullied, and I was afraid to go to school. Then I spoke to a therapist, and she helped me a lot. I want to help others like that.
“To the Nest, thank you for all your help. MC for giving me the opportunity and for motivating me to get up, and my uncle, aunt, and cousin Ana, who graduated from the Nest. and my mom and my dad for their support and believing in me”.