At the Academy, education is the draw in which we can disciple, grow and nurture kids otherwise unable to attend. Although it is our focus to educate and graduate each of our students, additionally, we have the amazing opportunity of integrating so many more aspects of our faith and character developing that are our key goals when we draw in these students. We capitalize on every way we can invest in them, whether that be linking field trips to curriculum or adding days off site to strengthen them physically, mentally and spiritually. We will do WHATEVER we can to make their elementary, middle and high school days with us the FULLEST they can possibly be…even when educating them looks like PURE FUN!!

We had the privilege of going to Kinetic Heights, a new Christian owned Challenge Center and Ninja Warrior training course for team building, challenges and exercise of the hardest levels this week. The staff and students ALL had an amazing time together!!

The ACADEMY who plays together…stays…well, AWESOME!!! Days like this day only add to the unique way we are creating academic excellence. An Academy that fits no other model and that has created a prototype for what education out of the box looks like!! So thankful to lead this charge in a model that not only works, but is as fun as it is special!!

Check our the fun spot we now call our Academy Gym…