Rachel Musongela, a first-generation refugee from Zambia, has come a long way in her journey at The Nest in three years. After graduating she is planning to go to CPCC to pursue a career in law enforcement to become a police officer. She is proud of learning to read and write at The Nest.
“The Nest has helped me by encouraging, loving, and making me feel like I belong. Ms. Laura Reed, who taught me to read, has significantly impacted me. She is always there for me, supporting and encouraging me. I hope to become a police officer so that I can help our community to be safer. I want to thank everyone at The Nest for loving me and helping me become a better person. I will never forget it. God bless you.”
In 2020, Rachel and her family boarded a plane, fleeing the only home they had ever known in Zambia on what would be the LAST plane that would usher in refugees for that year. Rachels’s family feels that God brought them to the US for a greater purpose and feels overwhelmed with gratitude for their new life in Charlotte.