“You have not, because you ask not.”-Jesus

The quote makes sense. We, at times, may not ‘have’, because we simply do not ask.

Seemingly ‘taken care of’ and being ‘fine’ are common misunderstandings and as believers we can miss huge opportunities to be used by God if we are unaware! I am convinced that the phrase Jesus stated is too powerful in meaning and in context to ignore, therefore, I am acting upon it’s direction…so, here goes!

At the academy, we have NEEDS. Since we have become a stand alone ministry we are raising 100 percent of our funding from scratch. We NEED financially committed families and businesses to come alongside us to provide for the needs of our students. Monthly at the Academy we believe God for a miracle and we NEED that miracle and are asking for you to step out in faith and act. If you can give 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars…we NEED you. If you can give BIG we NEED you!! Just click on the DONATE NOW button on our front page or choose a more specific way to donate as there are several.

We NEED our calendar slots for those willing to bring lunch for our 18 students for March through the end of the year filled. We have attached a link for the sign up genius to do this. Each month we believe God for our daily bread, and we NEED you to stand in the gap and BE THAT MIRACLE.


We NEED food donated (groceries, gas cards or Costco gift cards) to be able to provide healthy snacks and lunches for them on the days we do not have a lunch provided.

We NEED volunteers daily to help in classrooms or individually for reading, vocabulary and simple math. We NEED crafts and activities for the 2-5 grade boys room and we would LOVE you to volunteer to lead them or just donate supplies. We also NEED volunteers to take time to mentor, study with, cook with or simply listen to these students. And lastly, we NEED prayer for the students, prayers for spiritual growth and change,  prayers for unity and peace, prayers for our teachers and lead staff, our building, our travels…Well, Just prayer, in general. Please.
So, it is with much anticipation that I blog today, knowing that a gap will be filled and needs will be met. I believe that there is power in belief! Thanks for believing as we believe!