PATRICK GOHOZO. Born in a refugee camp in Rwanda to the promise of a brighter future in the United States, Patrick’s journey is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the power of community.

Patrick’s transition was far from smooth upon arrival to the US. The first school he attended was a harsh environment where he was bullied and his grades suffered. The language barrier was a significant hurdle, and despite improving socially, academic struggles persisted. Patrick vividly recalls getting in trouble for not answering a teacher’s question—not out of defiance, but because he simply couldn’t understand English. Sent to the office repeatedly, he felt isolated and misunderstood, desperate to learn but thwarted by the language barrier.


Patrick transferred to The Nest Academy marking the beginning of a profound transformation where he was welcomed and his great potential was realized. He says “the unwavering support of Mr. Reesh and Mr. Leon, helped me believe in my ability to succeed academically. These two mentors went beyond their roles as teachers; they became pillars of support, guiding and encouraging him every step of the way”.

Today, Patrick stands on the brink of graduation, with plans to attend Wingate University and pursue a degree in nursing. Inspired by the challenges he faced and the desire to give back, he hopes to return to Congo one day to help those in need.

Patrick, we are SO PROUD OF YOU!!