The term ‘dynamic duo’ is defined as a pair of heroes. The two women of our volunteer spotlight are just that!! They are amazing women of God, individually and together and at the Academy we have experienced them serving both together as a dynamic duo, and speaking in chapel individually as equally powerful and dynamic women!

Joy Groves and Lisa Kallander have served lunch faithfully at the Academy for two years. Each week that they are here we have seen them take a personal interest in sitting with our kids, conversing, eating, laughing and engaging to develop relationships, not just to serve lunch and leave. Their intentions have been solid…they JUST LOVE ON US ALL!!! It is a tremendous blessing to have these fabulous women to buy, bring and serve lunch, as we are in daily need of ladies and gentlemen who would step up and allow God to use them here! Joy and Lisa have faithfully done this, and even taken another step of faith towards engaging more…

In the past two months they each have volunteered to speak in our chapel services on Fridays. Each sharing a POWERFUL personal testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives and the lives of their families. Stories of heartache, near devastation, redemption, healing and FAITH~all intertwined into the story of GOD in their lives. Their testimonies encourage and DEVELOP the faith of our students and staff, as well as making their faith real seeing others who have stories of God’s glory. 

We would love to SEE HOW GOD CAN USE YOU just like he has Lisa and Joy and our other amazing volunteers.  Join us on this adventure at the Academy and JOIN OUR TEAM!!! The Academy girls and guys are excited to SEE WHO GOD BRINGS TO ENRICH their lives and eternities!!!