It has been said that a volunteer isn’t unpaid because they are worthless, but they aren’t paid because they are PRICELESS!!

WE know this to be true here at the Academy. Our budget could never afford the AMAZING, PRICELESS serving volunteers we have who SUPPLEMENT and COMPLETE our daily educating these kids!

When DONNA CAPPELLI walked through the doors of the Academy everything became a little BRIGHTER!!! She has been our most CONSISTENT volunteer, that isn’t considered staff,  that serves weekly. Donna has been hand’s on in the classroom the entire school year! She comes and tutors, reads and steps in wherever she is needed and stays to have lunch with us weekly.

There are many things that make volunteering difficult, especially how busy most of our lives are…BUT Donna has shown us all that her COMMITMENT to serving is BIG and what she does for GOD is her priority.

This year, Donna has faced tremendous battles and CONTINUES to remain faithful to volunteer, no matter what she has faced. Earlier in the school year Donna lost her sister, she personally has medical issues that she deals with, has had a stroke YET she still has remained faithful to her volunteering at the Academy. She says she is HAPPY to be here, THANKFUL for the opportunity and BLESSED to be in a place that LOVES and NEEDS her. Donna’s commitment is one that we have all learned from! Her deep conviction to serve has encouraged us ALL.

We LOVE Donna, and all of our faithful volunteers, and SHE is JUST ONE of them. Unlike most schools and organizations run on federal or state funding, the Academy is solely run on private donations and due to a tight budget WE RELY on the FAITHFULNESS of GOD and OUR VOLUNTEERS.   YOU would like to get involved in SERVING in ANY capacity at the Academy, we would LOVE to get you PLUGGED IN!!

CLICK HERE to get involved and SEE HOW GOD CAN USE YOU!!!