We are so thankful for the SELFLESS and AMAZING volunteers we have KILLIN’ IT every week at the Academy. Weekly, we have men and women who freely give of their time to invest in our students lives…and THEY ARE AMAZING!!! 

I’d love to introduce you to some of them and highlight what they are doing because I am honored that we are fortunate enough to have people who believe in our students, staff and the vision of the Academy and support us in the ways that our volunteers do! It is unbelievable to me that we have so many generous and loving people to make this dream possible and GIVE of their own personal time to do so!

We are truly honored to have this AWESOME woman with us each week to invest wholeheartedly into our kids! She is a blessing and we are SO GRATEFUL for Kay Heigh and her servant heart! Kay is an educator, encourager, mentor and ANGEL to us all!! She co-teaches 3 days a week and assists in the boys classroom, additionally teaching Language Arts and is ALWAYS willing to step in where and whenever she is needed! She has added so much joy to the Academy and continues to brighten each of our days!

If you would like to volunteer and MAKE A DIFFERENCE like Kay, email us for more information! We would love to see WHAT GOD CAN DO THROUGH YOU!!!!

Stay tuned… to MEET more of our amazing volunteers on the Academy Team. IT TRULY TAKES A VILLAGE!!!