Carter is a new volunteer with us this semester! His primary focus is on math and he works with our lower school students. He majored in Finance at NC State and since graduating has spent the last year working as an enterprise sales rep for software companies. 

We interviewed Carter to learn more about what drew him to The Nest! He originally wanted to volunteer somewhere because he is new to the area and wanted to get involved with the community here. He volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and food drives before coming to The Nest. Carter said, “My favorite part about volunteering here is getting to be involved with teaching youth. I enjoy the smaller setting as well where I am able to connect with the students better and give them more attention. My dad taught me to love math at the same age of the kids I’m tutoring today, so I am passionate about making the most positive impact as I can on their views of math (as many kids usually find it boring).”

We asked Carter about his passions and he loves to stargaze with his telescope, enjoys playing the saxophone, soccer (just like our kids!), running, and especially dogs, “who doesn’t?” he says.

We know the kids love having him join the end of recess and teaching them about math. We are so grateful to have Carter! If you would like to volunteer contact us today!