Weekly chapel was a new addition this year at the Academy. We wanted to create an atmosphere of worship could with real life stories of God working in real people’s lives to challenge and encourage the student body and staff. We were blessed to have many amazing people step up and answer the call to lead our kids!

Worship is an expression, an outpouring of our hearts, a connection to God and a way that we are able to celebrate and re-charge our spirits. WE WERE SO BLESSED to have ALEX DUNCAN from Elevation Church, who leads the Worship Academy, a group of to-be worship leaders from around the country who come to be ‘schooled’ in leading worship and refining their God given musical abilities. ALEX was faithful weekly to come, lead worship and incorporate the Worship Academy into our chapel serves.

Our kids serve each week at One7 Ministries leading worship and devotions, and we wanted them to come and not have to lead but to be led and served. ALEX was the perfect answer to that need and we are so GRATEFUL that he chose to come and GIVE of his time to pour into us! Alex’s heart for worship, Jesus and US are so appreciated and we are so THANKFUL that week after week we were able to connect further during our time together.

THANK YOU ALEX and for the rest of the precious chapel volunteers and leaders of worship who GAVE of your time to allow us the privilege of seeing God move in our chapel services. Special thanks to KIRSTEN QUICK for setting chapel up for us and arranging the times we had.