“Believe the impossible…then, you’ll see Me.” -God

Well…it’s Flashback Friday, #FBF, and as we launch the new website, I reflect back on the original days of the academy. SO I just HAD to post the first blog post of the dream I had of what has become ‘The Academy’. 

Looking back on #FBF it’s another reminder of the amazing dream of what was to come…and NOW living this dream is surreal. DREAMS BECOME REALITY!!!

I hope you’re encouraged today, that when God gives you a dream to never, ever give up on that dream. He is our dream maker and we are to follow those dreams with relentless pursuit. Fulfilling His calling on our lives is something that can never be measured. It is the epitome me of faith in action! Dare to dream big!!! 

Friday, September 4, 2009

“A dream becomes reality” …(the vision behind One7 Academy)

You know the type of dreams you may have that when you awaken they slip your mind before breakfast? I mean, they were really vivid, descriptive and ‘real’ to you at the point of awakening, but no true significance carried over. Then, there are others that may cause you to re-think a bit, maybe put things into perspective, at best. And then, still, there are some that you can’t get off of your mind at all. The ones that truly shake you to your inner core, that promote change within you, that prompt you to try making a difference, maybe even view mankind and creation differently, causing you to want to take action in some drastic way…That’s the type of dream I am about to explain…it was the catalyst for the One7 Academy! A dream became reality! More to follow…

So in honor of flashback Friday, and as we launch the new website, I am asking that you post your favorite flashback Friday pics of your Academy experience and any that you may have archived of the original days of the Academy leading up until today.