One thing I can say about the selfless volunteer Perry Quick, and it is that he is a JACK OF ALL TRADES!

This year we have had the blessing of a bi-monthly hands on and exciting ‘manly’ class for the boys, Perry named “Special Forces”.

Perry saw a need to introduce the boys to things such as respecting nature, by constructing and  posting bird houses, attaching a ‘deer cam’ to one of the trees so that they could watch them in their natural habitat. Then they got even more hands on and built regatta boats to race each other, which was so FUN. They then moved on to building rockets, and launched them! After that week, they made homemade muffins from scratch to touch on their domestic abilities! 🙂

Perry has selflessly given of his time and talents to invest in the boys so they become young men of many facets, and it is working!!! This is especially cool, as Perry is coming during his busy day to treat the boys to this extracurricular class. Each week is something new and special that Perry plans for them.

The boys all have ‘code‘ names, as Special Forces do, they have an honor code of integrity and manners, they must speak with correct addressing one another and adults, and pick up after themselves.

They are becoming little gentleman and Perry’s investment in them is priceless, and will carry with them for their entire lives. WE prayed for men like Perry to come into their lives and they have…God answered that prayer and has brought several other awesome men as well. I will be introducing them as well as the volunteer spotlight continues weekly. Scott Gurlock has also accompanied Perry. Scott is Fifth Third Banker friend of Perry’s.

We are SO VERY THANKFUL for the MANY amazing volunteers we have…cant wait to introduce more~!

If you would like to come and volunteer and share your talents and skills with our boys and girls please CLICK HERE to get involved.

The impact that you can have on our kids has eternal impact. SEE HOW GOD CAN USE YOU!!