It’s hard to put into words the severity of the challenges we face at the academy-the largest…language and literacy. It is as simply put as the old phrase, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

It is commonly overlooked in larger classrooms in our school systems for the sheer fact that students can fly under the radar when classrooms are overcrowded, and filled with multi-level learners, newcomers, troublemakers, bullies, and distractions. But, in a classroom of 5 or 8…another story. Where do you begin when a seventh grader is passing through middle school yet she cannot read or write? I mean, literally cannot read or write. Two, three and four-letter words look like a jumbled mess to her. And, who’s responsible? Where do you begin? What comes first?

WE are tackling this issue daily, and not only this one of literacy, we are responding to the disparity of the times and the need for compassion, structure, organization and life skills, intercession and accountability. It takes a village, a committed team of staff that care. We have the privilege of seeing the pieces being put together in their emotional and mental health stabilizing, academic success and courage and strength growing.

Consider joining us on this adventure…Volunteering in the classroom is one way to help, coming and providing lunches and visiting with the students another, or come speak at one of our chapel services on Fridays and pour into their hearts with a story from your life…Just ¬†sign up to get more involved!! We need you to make this dream possible daily in these students lives and for an eternity!!

They were hungry…not only a with a hunger to be known but filled with the hunger to learn. We are addressing those hungers, and daily we are short order chefs!! So in answer to the question which comes first the chicken or the egg…at the Academy we’re making CHICKEN OMELETS!