So…Close to a week after I blogged about our needs at the Academy, and’ having not because we had asked not’…we’ve gotten some great response!!

We have filled two more days more of volunteers for the morning schedule of volunteering with the girls, for the month. In addition, we have had a snacks donated  for the week!! This is helpful as we provide snacks each day for our students! But…we still need lunches donated or gift cards to buy food to serve.

Click HERE to sign up on our Sign-Up Genius to bring lunch for our 18 students or to HERE to GIVE towards lunch. It cost between 65-90 dollars a day for lunches. And we could REALLY use you! Please pray and see if God would use YOU!!

This is a HUGE start, as many of you have stepped up to the plate to PRAY. I have to admit, it’s much easier to try to make something happen in your own power, or JUST DO IT, rather than simply pray and wait anticipating something will happen, BUT, even though it seems silly…IT WORKS! 

We have a ways to go to fulfill all of the previously mentioned needs, but we are getting there! Believe with us, and let us know when you’re READY TO BAT!