Thomas Nshimiyiman is a first-generation refugee born in Uganda. He, his mom, and his sister came to the United States 5 years ago. He was scared of coming to the U.S. and didn’t know what to expect. Once he was enrolled in public school his fears continued to grow.

     On campus, there was violence, fighting, and gunfire. He was scared for his life. Due to compounded reasons, he missed over half of the school year. Despite his overwhelming truancy issues, Thomas passed, yet he spoke very little English, was illiterate, and says he “hadn’t learned anything at all in school.” He was very discouraged about what his life would be like if he couldn’t learn to read and write.

Thomas says, “God had other plans though”.


     It was in 2020 that Thomas came to the Nest Academy. He was uncertain but hoped things would be better for him than they were before. He found The Nest Academy to be quite the respite. It was safe, peaceful, and welcoming.

     He was no longer worried about surviving the day so he finally began focusing on learning. “The teachers were great and very helpful”. His English was improving every day, but he still struggled to learn how to read and write. The reading specialists worked with Thomas from day one at The Nest, and each year, he has progressed to LITERACY and success.


     As he prepares to leave The Nest, Thomas is looking forward to attending college and one day opening his own restaurant eventually having a family of his own, and sending his children to The Nest Academy too!

CONGRATULATIONS Thomas. We are so proud of YOU!