Friday we had blast off site to the Catawba Science Center and what an AWESOME time it was!!

We all participated in two SUPER interesting science labs!  One was a chemistry experiment class and the other biology and dissecting SQUIDS!! Everyone got the BIGGEST kick out of that!! We were able to visit the planetarium and have an awesome bagged lunch as well, thanks to Elizabeth Mawbray!!!

Field trips are a HUGE part of the Academy life. We go offsite often to add to the educational experience we are providing and field trips are incentive for behavior and homework completion…and it works!

If at any time you would like to join us on a field trip, plan a field trip for us, or financially provide for us to attend other awesome day learning experiences like this one, email us to GET INVOLVED! [email protected]

We’d love to visit other cool places and experience our community more!!

Knowledge is POWER and we are getting STRONGER and STRONGER day by day!!!