This week’s field trip was the BEST!!  Friday, for our off site day, we were treated to lunch and expert sushi training by the head Sushi chefs of The Cowfish. It was by far the most amazing experience these guys and girls have had in a restaurant! The owners planned a special Academy only dining experience, hands on expert training to make their own sushi rolls for lunch, and additionally provided lunch for each of the staff and students too-as well as blessing us with their time to hang out with us and create an experience we will never forget!

When we first began a relationship with the owners, managers and staff of The Cowfish Restaurant in Charlotte, we never knew HOW MUCH of a BLESSING it would be.

During the Christmas season we were blown away with the owners, managers and staff ALL coming bearing gifts, food and a BIG CHRISTMAS PARTY for our staff and students. We all had an absolute blast with them and were so thankful for the generous love and support of the entire restaurant staf to come together and raise the money to shop and bless us with gifts! It was during the Christmas party that the owners offered to treat us all to a day at The Cowfish for lunch! WOW!

It is not very often that you find restaurant owners and manager who are willing and able to invest their time, energy and love to pour into others as The Cowfish has. It is so encouraging to have such special people in our lives to fan the flame of the Academy fire!!

Thank you, thank you thank you to each of you who made this possible at The Cowfish…WE are so grateful!!! And…if you haven’t already, YOU’VE GOT TO GO AND EAT THERE  IT IS AMAZING!! Check them out HERE!!