When we first met H’su Rochom, she was a quiet, withdrawn and timid little girl. Born in Vietnam and a refugee to the United States, she was already, at 9 years old, struggling with acceptance, confidence and struggling in her current school to pass her classes. English as a second language (ESL) is extremely difficult as a young Vietnamese Montagnard refugee.

H’su’s family was moved to the US due to religious persecution in her country and her new struggle in the US was ESL, social acceptance and surviving in totally new world.  She struggled with bullies who made fun of her accent and speech. She faced dark days, really dark days..even wanting to end her life as she felt she had no hope. Well, God had a big plan for H’su, and little did she know! H’su started coming to after school tutoring and we identified that she was not only a perfect fit to plug into the ministry, and elevate as a leader as we discipled her, but as a new Academy girl too! H’su instantly began to flourish in the academy and was growing spiritually and academically as well. It was obvious that God’s plan for H’su was intervention and redirection. Her life is a beautiful example of grace and love!!!

H’su Graduated from the Academy last year and God provided a miracle for her to attend Montreat College. A small Christian college where just as in the Academy H’su could be educated in a christian environment all the while focusing on her spiritual and academic growth. We NEVER expected that we would receive such AWESOME news that she had made DEAN’S LIST her first semester…but we are not surprised. This is amazing news!!!

H’su Rochom you make us all SO PROUD!!! First generation high school grad and college freshman…wow!!!

Thankful to have been able to pour into this young woman of God and to see her life glorifying God in so many ways. WAY TO GO!!

CALL TO ACTION:  If you would like to become a part of providing for this young woman to continue her college career, we would love for you to be involved financially. Each month we are believing God to provide $1000.00 for her education. If you would like more info or to donate please email us at [email protected] or click on the college fund link on the website. Your tax deductible gift can continue H’sus dream of becoming a college graduate. THANK YOU in advance as we believe God for yet another impossible in our eyes!!!