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Where we educate, empower, and enrich Charlotte’s refugee,  immigrant, underprivileged, and at-risk children to become first-generation graduates.

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Private  Trauma-Informed

K-12 School

Head of School: MC Hildreth


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The Academy Angel Tree is one of our favorite holiday traditions and so many of our new students are experiencing the holidays for the very first time.

We would love your support in making this year very special giving gifts that keep giving ALL YEAR LONG.

If you are interested in becoming an angel by adopting a child, choose from our student list below. 

Angel Tree gifts are needed by Friday, Dec 15th to be opened on Tuesday, December 19 at 9 am at our Christmas Around the World Brunch Event.

Please JOIN US for brunch and a holiday presentation from an amazing vocalist students on Tuesday, December 19th at 9:00 am.

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2023 Charlotte Hornets Foundation

 $25,000 Education Grant Recipient

Congrats to The Class of 2023!

Good Luck at University!

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The Nest Pillars

Our students come from all over the world and now call East Charlotte home.  We understand that diversity is what makes our city so special. Honoring diversity is vital to strengthening our community. Our students and their families’ cultural and ethnic diversity is honored and celebrated at The Nest.

Every child has the right to be seen, heard, understood and belong. When children feel a sense of belonging in a safe, inclusive, and loving community, they have the freedom to live their true and authentic selves.

At The Nest, we have seen how greatly a loving support system deeply affect student success.

We believe that respect is essential in building the relationship necessary to educate a child.  When in an authentic, safe environment students’ sense of confidence, security and trust grow, fostering the power to teach and for them to learn. We model and encourage respect, trust and acceptance and honor.

We believe that true learning is a liberatory practice. We encourage curiosity, connection, and foster an appreciation and love of learning in all our students. We are actively filling in the educational gaps of our students. 

at the nest

Wings are repaired. Hope is restored. Dreams are reimagined. Courage and strength are rebuilt to take flight onto new horizons. 

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6824 Democracy Dr.

Charlotte NC, 28212

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M-TH: 7:45am – 3pm

Friday 7:45am -12:00pm

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Our Founder & Head of School


Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Open House

Tuesday, September 6, 2023

First Day of School

Tuesday, DECEMBER 19, 2023

Christmas Around the World Brunch Event

Dec 20, 2023 - Jan 3, 2024

Winter Break

Mar 29, 2024 - Apr 5, 2024

Spring Break 

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Chicken Omelettes

Chicken Omelettes

It's hard to describe the severity of the challenges for most students at The Nest.  Among the largest...literacy.   It is as simply put as the old phrase, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?...

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Intern Spotlight: Elodie Deneassembaye

My name is Elodie Deneassembaye, and I am a junior at Queens University of Charlotte majoring in Human Service Studies with a French minor. This semester I have had the privilege of interning with...

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Intern Spotlight: Alexander

My name is Alex Jackson and I am very grateful and excited to have the opportunity to intern with the Nest Academy this summer!  I am a rising sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Business and...

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Intern Insider with Sophia!

I had an amazing opportunity to intern at The Nest Academy this semester. I had not heard of the Nest Academy before and was not sure what to expect. But from the first day, I knew that I was at the...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Ariana

This week we want to spotlight another great volunteer! Ariana actually began as a virtual tutor in January and transitioned back to in person with us! She is a native Charlottean and graduated from...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Ella

Ella is our volunteer that has been with us since mid-semester last fall! She is a freshman at UNCC and majoring in Bachelors of Science in Biology and minoring in Chemistry, but also thinking about...

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6824 Democracy Dr.

Charlotte NC, 28212

School Hours

Monday-Thursday: 7:45am - 3:00pm 

Friday : 7:45am - 12:00 pm

Weekends: Closed

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[email protected]