Meet Tuet Siu! Tuet is in 10th grade and this is her second year at The Nest Academy! Tuet loves coming to the Academy because of the small class sizes, but her favorite part is that all of the students are basically like brothers and sisters. And, for Tuet, some of them literally are her family! Tuet’s younger brother, Robert, and younger sister, Lucy, are both in their first years at the Academy. (Check out Lucy’s student spotlight here!) As for her future, Tuet hopes to become a motivational speaker and life coach to inspire people to better their lives! She will even be speaking at a walk later this year to raise awareness for the existence of slavery in today’s world! Tuet is bubbly, full of sass, and a friend to everyone she meets! Another fun fact about Tuet, she is finishing up her driver’s ed class and can’t wait to get her license!

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